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About the Authors

Alan Edburg Quesada and Israel García Barrios are two Mexican Architects who studied together at the Architecture School of the ITESM Campus Querétaro. They both studied a year abroad as exchange students at the Architecture Department of the TU Darmstadt in Germany

In 2006 they studied together at the Architecture Department of the ETH Zürich in Switzerland, in 2007 they both graduated with a Master of Advanced Studies from Prof. Dietmar Eberle´s Department of Housing.

Their thesis, titled "Quality in Social Housing for Querétaro, México", is the result of their combined effort and interest in the topic of Social Housing in Mexico.

About the Thesis / Abstracts from their Advisors Grading Report (fall 2007):

"The authors, having lived and studied in Querétaro, observe an unconttrolled expansion of the city´s surface. At the same time, they miss implemented low-cost housing models which could promote a compact sustainable development of the city. They identify the dualistic aspect of the problem -on one hand the huge "social" housing developments which count only with a single prototype which is not adaptable to specific needs of the family, on the other hand "non-assisted, self-help construction" which turns out cheaper and is much more flexible towards families preferences, but usually results in a bad structural quality and illegal practices. In the authors opinion, the improvement of quality in social housing is also determined by the social and environmental characteristics of each housing typology, and by the set of organizational, urban and architectural design strategies which have been used in its production. The goal of their study is to increase the knowledge of alternative ways to improve the quality in social housing in Querétaro while promoting a sustainable development of the city. The methodological approach is based on the study of relevant literature, the analysis of relevant data (regional, statistical and historic framework), then followed by an organizational (government and non profit organisations, developers) and an urban analysis of its structure, infrastructure and services (historical city center, northwest suburb)."

"The authors conclusions provide a complex basis for their future work in favour of a qualitative development of social housing in Querétaro."

"Thanks to a systematic approach to the complexity of political, social, economical and spatial aspects of this enormous challenge they have gained a deeper understanding of the historic urban development and a clearer view of options for their professional engagement."

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