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The choice of the topic for this research is the result of our combined personal interests on the topic of social housing in the central part of Mexico, on the existing typologies (of social housing) and their relation with the accelerated growth of Mexican cities.

Our first discussion with Prof. Dietmar Eberle was concerning our hypothesis, which was “Urban and architectural planning are extremely important factors to improve the quality and sustainability of social housing in Queretaro, a satellite city of Mexico City. During this discussion he pointed us towards essential questions concerning the following subjects:

1. Sustainability and social acceptance.
What are the social values of the people we are planning for? What kind of values are we able to transport through planning and which ones are lacking in the current planning?

2. The city.
Which ideal of a city, could serve as model for the future of Queretaro?
What is the goal which the city and its surroundings should follow?

3. Methodology.
How can planning help in the city’s development? Which planning tools may help to produce a change? Which kind of mechanism is able to manipulate and control sustainable development?

4. Learning from examples.
Are there any examples which will help us understand the current development observed in Querátaro? Is it possible to compare this situation to another one in Mexico or other parts in the world?

5. The user.
Who are we planning & building for? What are the users needs and interests, and how will they develop over the time?

In our work we have strived to respond some, yet not all of these questions. Our wish to contribute in this topic remains strong also beyond this inspiring year of theoretical study.

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