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In this chapter we present some facts regarding the more recent evolution and expansion of the population growth and population density of the city of Querétaro.

We furthermore present results found in a study which concerns the present need of housing for both the state and the municipality of Querétaro.

This data has allowed us to compare the situation in the state of Querétaro with that of other states in the country and the situation in the municipality of Querétaro with that of other municipalities in the state of Querétaro.

The demographical aspects analyzed are narrowly related to the growth and the expansion of the city and consequently to the housing needs and housing situation which are at the end affecting the quality of social housing which is the topic of our research.

The information in this chapter helped us gain a broader understanding of the housing problematic at different scales. We hope that by presenting our comparative analysis s we may convey a more precise idea about the weight and magnitude of the problem at hand.

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