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In the first part of this chapter we focus on two of the main-role players who are directly involved in the development of quality in social housing in Mexico. We will first analyse the government and the corresponding institutions, funds and programs. Then, we analyse some of the non-profit organizations which promote alternative ways in the production of social housing. In the second part of this chapter we focus on understanding the organizational process of the two main forms of the production of social housing: informal housing and developer driven mass housing. To understand the process of the informal settlements and the developer-driven mass housing we will mostly describe examples situated in and around Mexico City, which represent a paradigm of an urban condition. The authors Jose Castillo and Prof. Eckhart Ribbeck have been doing a lot of research on this topic and were an important literary source for our study.

The following aspects are described during the analysis of the two processes:

  • General information and the context
  • Actors involved in the process and their roles
  • Financing strategies
  • Positive and negative aspects
  • Conclusions

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